Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order ThermoTraks to fit my specific garage door size?

Navigate to the home page of, click the ‘Select Size’ on the top menu bar.

  • Select your door height from the available options.
  • Select sectional panel configuration.
  • Select your door width for the drop down menu.
  • Select door quantity and click ‘add to cart’. Proceed to check out.
What are the items I will receive when I order the ThermoTraks sealing system?

ThermoTraks sealing system consists of two components:

  • (1) pair of ThermoTraks vertical track to replace your existing standard track
  • ThermoTraks seal for top and sides of the garage door opening applied to your existing jamb stop

Together they create a positive seal to eliminate air infiltration into your garage space resulting in additional warmth, comfort and energy savings

I live in a warm, windy and dusty climate. Does the ThermoTraks sealing system help keep my garage space clean?

ThermoTraks will seal out dust and dirt from entering your garage by dramatically reducing or completely eliminating air infiltration into your garage space. You can also expect ThermoTraks to keep your garage space to be 5 – 10 degrees cooler in warm environments.

Will ThemoTraks help me lower my heating/cooling bill?

Xcel Energy has determined that ThermoTraks perimeter door sealing system will save on average $132 in energy cost annually for a 9′-0″ x 8′-0″ door size.

I live in a cold climate and I have an attached garage space. Will ThermoTraks sealing system work for me?

Absolutely. In cold climates, you can expect a 10 – 15 degree temperature increase in your garage space. Results will vary depending on the condition of the existing garage door, inside/outside temperature differential, wind conditions, sectional door R-value, length of shared wall between your home/heated structure and the garage space.

I can see light in the lower corners of my garage door and believe mice are entering my garage through those unsealed areas. Will ThermoTraks help keep the mice out of my garage?

The ThermoTraks® sealing system will help seal the entire garage door to prevent mice, snakes, spiders and other pests from entering your garage space and home.

I live in Canada. How can I purchase ThermoTraks?

ThermoTraks is available through our website for residence of both United States and Canada. From the ‘cart’ page, select ‘change address’ and select ‘Canada’ for the drop down menu. Shipping cost will automatically update and you may proceed to ‘checkout’.