ThermoTraks® is the only product on the market that thermally seals a sectional overhead door. Whether installing ThermoTraks on your home garage or utilizing them in a loading dock or overhead door environment, ThermoTraks is worth the investment saving energy costs, eliminating unwanted air filtration, and offering significant protection against unwanted pests.

ThermoTraks works by creating a positive seal between the sectional door and the door frame. Our patented track design and seal eliminates air movement around the edges of the door commonly found in standard garage doors in addition to blocking moisture and unwanted pests from entering. ThermoTraks is a USDA accepted product for use in refrigerated warehouses. Built to last and easy to install.

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Component #1:
ThermoTraks patented vertical traks utilizing special indentations designed to shift the entire door horizontally just before the door rests in the closed position. This movement allows the door to create a positive seal  without adding undue wear on the door or it’s components.

How does ThermoTraks® work?

  • ThermoTraks keeps  garages warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Enjoy a garage that is much cooler in the summer – a must for warmer climates
  • Warm your garage 10-12 degrees in the winter without additional heat
  • Shut out pests and moisture with a completely sealed garage door
  • Put an end to unwanted drafts when working in the garage

Component #2:
ThermoTraks proprietary seal (patent pending) installed along the top and both sides of your garage door provides an airtight seal  eliminating unwanted air flow much like the front entry door of your home. 

Energy Savings

Keeps garages warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Seals out moisture.

Weather Protection

Eliminates unwanted air infiltration keeping out wind-driven dirt, rain, and snow. Maintains an even garage temperature.

Pest Control

Providing a barrier that keeps pests out; making your garage a more people-friendly environment.

Fast, Easy Installation

A great way to save energy and add comfort to every climate-controlled garage.

Consistent Garage Environment

Maintain tools, appliances, bikes and other garage items at a more even temperature and humidity level.


Overhead and Loading Dock Doors

Positive sealing saves energy. The only product that thermally seals overhead doors. A USDA-compliant solution for refrigerated warehouses.

Factory and Warehouse Owners: Make your facility more energy-efficient

  • Save energy when overhead and loading dock doors are closed with positive sealing
  • Keep bugs and insects from entering when doors are closed
  • ThermoTraks is a USDA accepted product for use in refrigerated warehouses
  • ThermoTraks is the only product that thermally seals overhead door

On the fence over whether ThermoTraks is the right product for your home or business? Read what our customers are saying about us.


“Thank you. I’d been looking for something for over 2 years since I heat my garage in the winter and door drafts have been an issue in the past.

I will say that your product works and seals better than anything I’ve seen.  We had a storm with 40 mph winds and there was no draft or air entering around the door or the door movement as in the past.  I am extremely happy and already told my neighbor’s about it and they want to stop by and see the track setup.”

David M. - Salem, MA

“We have just gone through our first winter with our ThermoTraks and could not be happier with the difference it made in our heated garage this winter. We get a direct NW wind and were using wedges to try and keep the door tight enough to prevent the wind from causing a gap and letting in the cold air. The wedges were tedious to keep using and I was looking for a solution when we came across the ThermoTraks at an Expo. Best thing ever for our situation! We lowered our heating bill significantly and enjoyed the garage without dealing with the wind! We so very much appreciate them!!'”
Rosemount, MN

Thermo Imaging Tells the Story  

Significant Temperature Difference

Significant Energy Savings