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Bottom Seal

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Garage doors are notorious for leaving gaps at the bottom of their frames, allowing air, dirt, water, and rodents to sneak in. Keep the outdoor elements away with our protectivegarage door bottom seal. Our seals easily attach to the bottom edges of your door, compressing instantly when the door closes to seal in any gaps. 


  • Flexible and waterproof
  • Durable enough to withstand rapid temperature changes
  • Effective garage door bottom seal for residential homes and warehouse buildings

Kit Includes

  • 4" Premium EPDM flexible waterproof rubber bottom seal.
  • Reduces sound infiltration
  • Creates an effective moisture seal
  • Generates a bug and rodent barrier
  • Maintains flexibility from -30 to +140 degrees temperature range.
  • for use with  5/16" T-style ends
Lineup of garage door installation tools on a wood work bench
Exterior view of a modern garage door with snow falling outside