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ThermoTraks Perimeter Seal

Choose a Length of Seal (feet)
  • Proper Installation with ThermoTraks Vertical Tracks: When the ThermoTraks Perimeter Replacement Seal is correctly installed in conjunction with ThermoTraks vertical tracks, it has been tested and proven to withstand over 10,000 door cycles without experiencing significant wear or requiring seal replacement. This suggests that it is a durable and long-lasting solution when used as recommended.
  • Caution for Use Without ThermoTraks Vertical Tracks: It's important to note that using the ThermoTraks Perimeter Seal without the ThermoTraks vertical tracks is not advised, except for situations where the sectional door is infrequently opened and closed. Without ThermoTraks vertical tracks, the seal and door may not function as effectively or could wear out more quickly.
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